TP-105-01-07 Components Corporation Purple Color Coded Printed Circuit Test Points

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The TP-105 series test point offers a functionally superior alternative to other means of board level trouble shooting, particularly .025″ square header posts. While featuring a loop profile for positive test probe retention, this product is available in any combination of positions, from one to forty, at .100″ centers and fits in the popular .035″ diameter hole size. The above board profile is substantially below that of headers and other devices used as test points. Thus, a re-fit can be accomplished without any printed circuit board layout re-design costs, while significantly reducing test point height and improving function. Visibility and identification are significantly enhanced by the choice of ten standard colors for the TP-105 series, representing all of the variations of the industry color code. The TP-105 may be purchased pre-cut to any specified number of positions from one to forty. Mounting leg design insures positive retention in the circuit board during soldering operations.

*Description comes from the Components Corporation Data Sheet